Takeoff Capital was founded by Mike and Shawn, who have a combined experience of over 10 years in real estate investing. With a focus on apartment buildings, they have gown a portfolio worth over $50,000,000. Their mission is to empower investors to achieve their true wealth potential by leveraging the power of real estate investing on a larger scale.

In addition to investing in real estate full-time, Mike and Shawn host The Real Estate takeoff podcast, which has over 200,000 listeners worldwide and interviews the world’s most renowned real estate investors.

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Shaw DiMartile & Shawn Tighe

Track Record

A few of our current investment opportunities.
You can view the before & after of our renovations using the slider.

Arbors Kitchen Classis

The Arbors Apartments


Purchased: $12.7M • Current Value: $20.1M

Timber Creek Classic

Timber Creek Apartments


Purchased: $12.7M • Current Value: $16M

Breeza Before

Breeza 32 Apartments


Purchased: $1.17M • Current Value: $3.075M

Black Sand Inn Before

Black Sands Inn


Purchased: $1.5M • Current Value: $3.1M

Meet the Takeoff Team

Shawn DiMartile

Shawn DiMartile

Co-Founder/Managing Partner

Mike Tighe

Mike Tighe

Co-Founder/Managing Partner

Jayne Kemer

Jayne Kemer

Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan


James Heinzman

James Heinzman

Project Manager

Jade Apog

Jade Apog

Executive Assistant


Value Add Apartments

We specialize in acquiring underperforming apartments in need of renovations and new management. Through a comprehensive renovation plan, we aim to increase rental income and generate profitable returns for our investors.

The key steps in our investment process include:


Identify and acquire underperforming apartments with growth potential.


Implement a strategic renovation plan to enhance the property's value and appeal.


Enhance amenities and improve property management to attract and retain high-quality tenants.


Provide regular monthly reports to keep investors informed about the progress of the project.

Dollar Money

Distribute positive cash flow generated from rental income to investors on a consistent basis.


When the time is right, sell the property to realize profits and distribute the proceeds to our investors.


High Density Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

ADUs, or Accessory Dwelling Units, involve constructing apartment units on an existing single family lot. Click here to learn more about this strategy


We source a home on a lot with enough space to build 10 units or more.

House Renovation

Renovate the existing home and fill it with a tenant. Eliminating holding costs during the permitting phase


Acquire construction permits and build the new complex


Lease up the new units


Sell and distribute profits to investors

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